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Partnerships are the cornerstones of success and growth. With ITISL as a partner, you will have the assurance of dealing with a Company that can provide technology, project management, and most importantly the guarantee to deliver solutions that meet the most demanding needs of your customers.

At ITISL, we believe in forging synergetic partnerships with organizations across the globe for market promotions and distribution of our products, applications and services. We have planned our business partnership program for organizations to engage in a mutually beneficial business relationship and to provide comprehensive wireless solutions to their clients.

ITISL is actively looking at alliances and close collaborations with business partners to make foray into the domestic as well as global markets. Contact Jataayu team to explore the benefits of being our partner and help us in propagating the wireless Internet mantra. If you are interested in a 'Business Partner Program' of ITISL, please e-mail us at: alliance@itisl.com.

Business Partners

ITISL partners with the best solution providers in their respective areas for providing cost effective, customer centric and requirement specific solutions.

Thus helping the customer achieve one stop solution for all its requirements in a business area. ITISL has partnered with the following solution providers:

Reliance Communications
Reliance Communications

ITISL Technologies partners with Reliance virtual private network (VPN), a private communications network that can meet all the connectivity and remote access needs of an organization. Designed specially for the enterprise customer, it offers a totally private, scalable and secure network. VPN is the most effective way to achieve convergence of voice, video and data on a managed network.


ITISL Technologies partners with BillDesk to provide the end users ability to pay any bill, from anywhere, and at any time. ITISL Technologies integrates with BillDesk to extend its services with a comprehensive bill presentment, payment, and management solutions.

Verisign Products

We market key VeriSign products to existing list of clients and other end users for ensuring security in their business practices and ensure the implementation of the same those results in customer satisfaction.

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