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Do you find difficulty in managing files and sharing with colleagues and department? Welcome to ITISL's WorkSpace; a One Stop Solution for all your document management needs.

WorkSpace is an advanced data organizer that allows the user to virtually manipulate files and filing systems. The most common operations on files like create, open, edit, view, rename, move, copy, delete alongwith attributes, properties, search/find, and permissions are performed with ease.

WorkSpace can be conveniently used to upload files that can be shared among office colleagues, peers, or clients. This file manager application does not require any desktop application and can be used from anywhere. It is a license-based online application in which the Super Admin creates the users and accordingly gives access rights to each of them. The WorkSpace also allows the user to give necessary rights (read/modify/delete) to the folders and files that are to be shared.

The common operations of WorkSpace include the ability to create, open/view, edit, rename, delete, copy, move, or to simply find and manipulate individual files. The application also provides file sorting and view type (detailed/icon) facility. A user can upload/download any number of files or folders under the parent folder. However, the file management system can be configured to set a cap on the file/folder upload limit. In addition to this, the document paths are encrypted so that any file or folder cannot be downloaded unless the user has the necessary rights to download the same directly using the browser.

WorkSpace allow the users to proceed forward or backwards, going deeper or backwards within the directory structure - following the 'branches' of the file tree from generic to specific and back again without loosing trail of the operations.

Feature List

ITISL Work Space facilitates its users one-click functionalities like copy, paste, move files or create new folders, upload and download files, rename files or folders, etc.

  • Tree Structure Tree Structure The tree structure gives a detailed view of files in the Folder structure of the login user.
  • Paste Paste This option allows the user to paste a file or folder after it has been cut or copied by the user.
  • New New WorkSpace provides an option - New, which facilitates the user to create a new file or folder. The work space admin can create, edit, or delete a Work Space User.
  • Delete Delete The Delete file option allows the user to delete a selected file from a folder.
  • Edit Edit The Edit option allows the user to copy or move a file or folder from one folder/directory to another.
  • View View With this option, you can view details of the existing files, folders, & the deleted files or folders in the recycle bin.
  • Cut Cut The Cut option cuts a file or folder from a particular folder or directory & can be pasted to desired location in the Directory.
  • Search Document Search Document The Work Space provides the option to search for a file or folder under any folder that has been uploaded in the Work Space.
  • Copy Copy The Copy option makes a copy of a file or folder from a particular folder or directory that may be pasted to another desired location in the Directory.
  • Refresh Refresh Work Space allows the user to refresh the file manager application.
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