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Game Testing

ITISL strives to deliver flawless, bug-free performance across all major platforms and systems. We provide a wide range of off-site Quality Assurance (Software/Game Testing) services for multiple platform software products. Our test plans are developed using scientific methods to ensure their efficient, thoroughness, and ensure accurate testing.

With the use of latest infrastructure and world class technology we provide you the best of services & integrate QA from design phase throughout development, or complete rigorous QA at the last, crucial minute with final product third-party validation. Our extensive PC compatibility lab kept current with the latest operating systems, platforms and hardware, as well as an array of computer components always ensures that we support any specification or configuration that you may need.

Our experienced testers are capable of detailing how your product handles multi-player use from your minimum specs to your recommended specs and beyond. Our extensive equipment list coupled with expert testers ensures that your product has received thorough multi-player testing and is ready for master.

Our testing is done in a controlled environment on a closed network that allows us to monitor packet exchanges between the host and remote players. This ensures complete security & flexibility to your testing needs besides delivering speed. And not to forget- we're a cost effective way to make sure your product is playable.

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