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BEEHIVE an End to End Human Resource Management Solution, your strategic business advisor. It's a complete easy-to-use solution that addresses your organization's workforce challenges and helps you to control your labour management costs - without overburdening your budget.

Beehive - Human Resource Management System is state-of-the-art, technology-centric solution that opens up innumerable opportunities to elevate your HR, creating tremendous impact on your organization's bottom line.

A company's strength is best judged by how well its human resource is managed. Beehive helps automate your time-consuming personnel related processes, transforming your HR department to a key strategic player. Beehive gives you the ease-of-use with it's simple navigation screen and effortlessly defined rule-driven concept.

BEEHIVE HRMS solution empowers companies to manage people and processes more effectively, enabling HR personnel to focus on strategic business planning. Being totally web-based, it dispenses the need for installation of expensive hardware or software, reducing the risk of obsolete technology.

BEEHIVE's newest CXO cockpit geared with the most intuitive dashboards & intelligent exception meters help in strategic decision-making & provide detailed insight to the HR and payroll managers. These are some of the must have features in today's highly charged business environment. read more >>



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"We have over 1000 employees spread across various locations and managing HR & payroll processes was a challenge but Beehive HRMS made it appear simple. We have not only automated employee self service functions but attendance data is being dynamically captured without any click from all the locations and various MIS reports are being generated. We are more than happy to recommend this product."

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