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ITISL CRM Solutions has created a value for its customers as a robust and technology-centric solution that can take care of the burgeoning and dynamic requirements of modern day?s Sales, Marketing, and Services. The software has assisted our customers to be at the forefront of the market dynamics and helped them become Winning Sales Organizations.

Our CRM solution has raised the bar and far exceeds the offerings of the current generation hosted solutions. We make this sophisticated functionality and automation available without turnaround capital expenditure with an effective Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of comparable solutions.

Our CRM solution empowers users with ease-of-use throughout the application by leveraging ?one-click? access, user configurable desktop, simple tree and hierarchical structures, the ability to leap from one account record to another and many such user intuitive features. read more >>



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"ITISL is a company that delivers leading edge Marketing Automation solutions. The single most important reason why you should opt for ITISL Marketing solutions is that it works the way your business does, improving your market share."

Business Head,
Leading Pharmaceutical Company