Web Based application takes care of complete Customs Compliance activity from an enquiry to execution to conclusion and also monitors various MIS deliverables as allied features supporting the management to review Job Profitability. Powershell Exim - Web Based application is developed to provide customs house agent with a state of the art solution focused on fostering operating cost reductions, efficiencies of service, and quick adaptation to the ever-changing demands of a rapidly evolving business environment. Our highly automated systems coupled with our total commitment to after-sales support and maintenance has helped assure our clients of achieving and maintaining a competitive edge within a difficult industry-both operationally and financially.

The business of customs clearing agents has been changed dramatically in last five years and it is going to change far more than what it is today. By its own nature of work Custom Clearing Agents deals with multiple agencies thus involves lot of complexities in its work. Therefore Customs Clearing companies need a dynamic software system that can help them simplify their processes. Powershell Exim solution takes care of all activities of CHA business; it's been divided in to various modules according to the functions of CHA business. CHA have the flexibility to choose from the available electives/modules.

Powershell Exim meets all the compliance requirements related to Indian Customs and other agencies. Clearing goods requires fast, compliant software solutions that meet local reporting requirements while providing comprehensive control and visibility. With developed using the latest technology, PowerShell Exim provides the broadest array of clearance solutions, extending automated filing, reporting and integration capabilities into critical analysis tools to deliver information, fast and accurately, worldwide.

Customs House Agency solutions are a core technology of Powershell Technologies Ltd., continually enhanced with technology and geographic acquisitions to provide users access to the most advanced and broad reaching tools available. Indianized Clearance Solutions enables support to the CHAs by delivering regulatory and reporting compliance that meet the most stringent quality standards. Some of the key features of POWERSHELL EXIM are mentioned below -

  • Documentation - Equip your Documentation team with the most automated documentation system. All documentation related requirements are catered in this module.
    • Documentation Sea - Export, Import,
    • Documentation Air - Import & Export
  • Customs Duty Calculation - Automatic Duty calculation at finger tips. Updates for the duty structures based on notification and circulars are handled by Powershell Technologies Ltd..
    • Automatic Duty Calculation based on products, schemes, shipment type
  • In-Bond/Ex Bond - Jobs related to In-bond and Ex-Bond is handled in the POWERSHELL Exim smoothly. It helps to automate the transaction. Some key features -
    • Manage multiple Ex-Bonds against one In-Bond.
    • Manage Inventory at each for every In-Bond
    • Bond to Bond Transfers and
    • Consulate Shipment
  • License Master - License Master maintains the records of customers' licenses and after every debit it is updated automatically. Some of the key features -
    • Manage Customer's Export & Import Licenses
    • Get reports of licenses nearing expiry date, or with balance quantity.
    • Add value to your service by updating your customer about their license details.
  • ICEGATE & EDI Module - Filing to ICEGATE become easier and more accurate. A Check is performed before filing to ICEGATE to avoid errors.
    • Prepare checklist before filing to ICEGATE.
    • Import & Export EDI Generation for Air & Sea Jobs
    • Generate Console IGM
    • Generate .sb or .be file and file to ICEGATE or upload to ICEGATE
    • Save the file and save to floppy for manual filing
    • Manual Shipping Bill / Manual Bill Of Entry printing
  • Exim Reports & Statutory Reports
    • N Form & GSP Form
    • Certificate Of Origin
    • Annexure
    • Gatt Declaration
    • Bill Of Entry
    • Print Online Docket for Export & Import Jobs
    • Job Registers
    • In Bond - Ex Bond Register
  • Auto DSR Report- Automatic Generation of Shipment Status Report (DSR).
  • Group Update Of EP Copy - EP Copy of various jobs update at single place.

Entry Acceleration - Simply, the fastest clearance possible - Period!

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